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What Data is analyzed

Pavooq employs advanced algorithms to calculate the strength of relationships within an organization in real-time. This process results in a robust set of analytics, reports, and visualizations that provide valuable insights into various aspects of organizational functioning, such as:

Employee Retention

The management of customer relationships

Team Collaboration

The functioning and collaboration of teams and departments

Team Communication Risks

The identification of inappropriate relationships and communications

Data loss and leakage

The management of data loss and leakage.

The data used to generate these insights is obtained from the organization's communication system, utilizing various methods that are tailored to the specific system in use, with the goal of minimizing the information to the essential "meta-data" required for system operation.

Data used by Pavooq

Data obtained by from the source system and stored by Pavooq consists of

Message size or duration
To build timelines and detect duplicates
Message type
Data consists of senders identifier, required to build relationships
Message id
Data consists of senders identifier, required to build relationships
Message direction
Inbound, outbound or internal direction will be determined. Required to build the relationship map
System id for message, required to detect duplicates and for potential integrations back into originating system (for example, to open an archived copy of a message from a archive system)
Messages are classified as personal, group, or multiple-recipient indictating the weight of the message
Optional collected by default
Used by analytics system to determine facts such as the likelihood of messages containig attachments.

How it is collected and stored

At our company, we understand the importance of protecting our customers' personal data. That's why we go above and beyond to implement comprehensive measures that safeguard this information:

Data collection

We only collect the bare minimum of data needed to achieve our legitimate business objectives, and never participate in any form of data trading.

Data surveillance

The functioning and collaboration of teams anWe are always transparent about our data practices.d departments

Data Accuracy

We use automated techniques to ensure data accuracy and timeliness and employ appropriate security protocols for all personal and confidential information.

Chat Analytics

We also work with our customers to help them implement these same standards.

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